Goverment Solutions

Many branches of government require robust yet economical remote video solutions for numerous applications.

Security & Surveillance

Whether it is for secure installations or for the population at large, ensuring public peace and safety is more important than ever in these times of uncertainty.

Pelican's IP streaming output makes it a snap to integrate into existing security surveillance systems. Equipped with highly compatible LAN connectivity, send high resolution video and audio anywhere – across the campus or across the country.

Session Proceedings

Bringing the voice of the government to the people has just gotten easier.

Quick connections and streamlined web GUI lets even non-technical users get up and running quickly.

Whether it is at the national, regional or city level; governments, city/town councils, and the courts system can all quickly bring live proceedings to the people today.

Furthermore, combining Pelican with the DVStor recording and playout system lets you archive those proceedings for as long as you need.