Solutions Overview

The robust flexible platform, low cost, and wide range of options make Konnect, Pelican and DVStor an excellent fit for many applications, including:

House of Worship

Audio and video production techniques for House of Worship applications now rival the capabilities of high end television production studios. Furthermore, as congregations grow beyond the capacity of normal houses of worship, many congregations choose to expand to multiple locations in order to keep the congregation a manageable size.

Pelican, combined with the Pixelmetrix DVStor recording and playout system, makes it easy to get the message out to remote sites while letting the central and remote sites maintain independent schedules.

Streaming Broadcast

Today, everyone is rushing to get their content to be 'multi-screen' with the latest adaptive bit rate technologies. But this means encoding a single asset in many different bit rates – anywhere from 3 to 10 different bit rates is common.

High density Pelican Rack fitted with any combination of SD and HD encoders is an excellent way to get started with OTT without the risk of a huge financial investment.

News Gathering

Breaking news can happen anywhere at any time, and there is nothing more important than getting the story on the air quickly.

Current solutions are either expensive but high quality (that is, satellite SNG) or low cost but low quality (for example, Skype over 3G cell phone connection).

The latest trend is to set up dedicated, internet connections to where news happen often – for example, the courthouse, airport, university, or seat of local government. Upon arrival, the crew only needs to plug Pelican's Ethernet output into the wall and they are on the air!

Government & Military

Many branches of goverment require robust yet economical remote video solutions for numerous applications.

Whether it is for surveillance, security, or getting council proceedings to the masses, Pelican is an ideal choice.

Medical & Healthcare

Better patient entertainment systems, remote consultation and collaboration, diagnostic imaging and integration with patient information systems, can all enhance the quality of healthcare.

Pelican, linked with the DVStor, facilitates archival of the entire medical procedures for months or years for legal compliance, or reference for training purposes.


All segments of the hospitality industry – from hotels, cruise liners, to resorts – are demanding higher quality entertainment. Simple SD television with a few pay channels is no longer enough. These days, it just must be full HD, or nothing.

Pelican-HD is easy to integrate with new or existing systems, and provides high quality video without adding unnecessary complexity to your installation.