Konnect IP Video Distribution

Traditional video systems using analog patch panels are cumbersome, inflexible, and suffer from the poor quality of analog video. However, while modern IPTV systems provide digital video quality, they are famous for being expensive and very complicated to set up and run.

No longer.

Konnect frees you from the shortcomings of analog distribution. Using a straighforward HTML5 browser GUI, Konnect lets you decide which video goes where. Multiple video streams can be distributed across the facility with the power of IP multicast. Built on the robust, Linux-base Amino set top box, virtual any resolution or bit rate is supported – from low res 'security camera' video all the way to full HD.

Local or Remote Control

While central control is important for many security-sensitive applications, the system can be configured to also allow channels to be selected and changed by the end user with a traditional remote control. Konnect Architecture

Simple but Flexible

A typical enterprise deployment might have multiple video sources going to multiple rooms across the facility. In turn, each room might have one or more monitors.

The easy-to-use HTML5 GUI lets you easily set up the input sources and the monitors in each room. No programming is required.

From there, users of the system can route any input source to any monitor – facility wide.

channel setup room setup